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Andy Towell
Wales & South West Correspondent
All listed gigs within a 35 miles radius of Bristol.
Well, things have been quiet there at Towell towers, not many gigs to speak of because Wales has either been blown away or is under water. However, the future looks bright with some good looking gigs to whet........wet?......your appetite. 
First up is Radfest. This has sprung from the setting up  of Rad radio in Oswestry by members of the bands Anubis and Warlord, they play all genres but especially rock. This is the first festival they have set up and it looks a corker. May 2 -4 2014
Tickets should be bought by the2nd of April to secure entry.
Next up is the Heart of Wales Rock and Blues festival on 6-8 June. Again a new one setting up and one I am involved in. Bands confirmed so far are The Steve Gibbons Band, Henrys Funeral Shoe, Texas Flood, Crowsaw, The Troy Redfern Band, Defy All Reason and many more. Saturday night headliners and guests to be announced yet. No website as such but you can see all developments here.
Then, one of my favourites and a well established small festival is the Sonic Rock Solstice. This year on 20-22June. Headlining this year are San Francisco Nights....which is  Big Brother and the Holding company, with janis soundalike Bex Marshall.....it's contractual stuff that's preventing us naming them as that....then there is Spaceseed, a space rock band from America, Deborah Bonham Band, Lene Lovich band, The Enid, Nik Turner, Alan Davey with both Gunslinger and Bedouin,Wrathchild, who went down a storm last year, but billed as Stone Cold Killers this year. 
These gigs are all at the same excellent venue, indoor stages, free camping, good loos, great beer, and stalls.
Finally for the moment one last gig featuring someone we all know and love. ......more of that in a minute. A local theatre in Brecon send out booklets with the what's on guide, also do it on facebook. They had the usual stuff in there, chuckle brothers, Pantos, Searchers and Gerry & Pacemakers and an Eric Clapton tribute. They asked on Facebook if we had got the brochure, I responded that I had but nothing lit my candle, so to speak. Chap called Nigel then asked what I would like to see......well....................I gave him a list of names of bands I'd like one of which was Larry Miller. He then came back and said we've booked him....well I was gobsmacked...but on the same weekend as the SRS above...so I said bugger!!! Can't go. One more mail later, Nigel  had been in touch with Larry and moved the gig to the 27th of June....RESULT!!!! So, no ticket prices as yet but keep June 27th free to go to Theatr  Brycheiniog in Brecon. 
Plenty to goat there for awhile, I'll be in touch soon with more gig news.
There's one lot....here's the gig review from Friday night.
Friday 7th of February, after along time I saw my old friend. After being missing in action for a while it was very good to see Chris Walker back in action...and what an action it was!!!Turning up after a very wet and windy drive down from home to The Patriot in Crumlin, Caerphilly we were glad to get indoors for a well earned beer and warm. Chris was there, big hugs all round, supporting The Michael Katon Band. He was a member of Skinny Molly until 2009, he's supported Santana, be nominated for guitarist of the year awards and been a Stevie ray Vaughan tribute band, and produced an instrumental CD called 'The Pine Cone Incident'. But now he has his own band together, a wonderful collective of superb musicians they play a mixture of covers and original tunes, with more originals to be included very soon as they are writing and rehearsing as we speak.
Starting off with Junior's Blues, straight into She Loves My Auto Mobile and Crossroads we knew we were in for a good night. Followed by The Bands Shape I'm in with Keyboardist Mark Silk taking the vocals which was followed by one of Chris's originals from his CD, Train wreck.
Energetic Johnny B Goode, Rocky Mountain Way, which morphed into Just got paid which morphed JB style into Dazed and Confused. Some good laughs in between, especially when Chris changed his Gibson to his more familiar Fender Strat....mind you, he gives as good as he gets. 
If you see The Chris Walker Band advertised for a gig, go see them, well worth the experience. Next one so far is at The General Henry in Littlehampton on April 4th but you can get all updates from here.
And to  see what you might find,..
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Chris Walker Band - The Shape I'm In
Recorded at the Newbury Rock & Blues Club - 22 January '14
Dave Evans, Fireroad and Moonshine Guns.
Bengos at the White Hart, Builth Wells.
Sunday 7th July 2013.
A new Mid Wales venue, 3 bands, hot weather, small but enthusiastic crowd and a great night of rock.
It was nice to be involved with this gig, helping to settle the bands in, setting up and generally being agofer, all good experience.  Chatting with Dave before the gig it was nice to  get some background on AC/DC's early days. Dave, a Welshman originally from Camarthen, moved to Australia when he was 5 years old. During his teen years he for me AC/DC inviting Angus and Malcolm Young to join. They recorded one single before a fight with their management ended up with Dave leaving the band and Bon Scott taking over.
40 years on and Dave has lost none of his fire and opinions, he's still going strong. However let's just give worthy mention to the support bands. Moonshine Guns are a local outfit playing red hot blues covers from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughn, ZZ Top and Gary Moore. Then Fire road hit the stage, a band from Aberdare who are with Dave on all 3 of his Welsh gigs. They play good honest classic rock, featuring tracks f om their debut album 'I Got Sound' they went through a blistering set. If, no not if, when you catch up with these guys then you will not be disappointed with their sound. http://fireroadrock.com/
Then it was the turn of Dave Evans and his UK Bad asses, who just happen to be 3 piece Absolva along with Chris Needham, Kicking off with the single 'Can I Sit Next to You, Girl' Dave soon got in his stride following along with the B side of that single 'Rockin' in the Parlour'. 
The new album 'Judgement day is much in evidence tonight, the first track from that is 'We Don't Dance to Your Song'. The riffs and lyrics are original but it still has that AC/DC feel to it. I'm beginning to enjoy myself now as he launches into 'Helluva Night' ....well it certainly is turning out to be that. My own favourite new track is the title track, a brooding riff heavy rocker that just builds to a superb ending. An interesting cover next which was' Baby, Please Don't Go' including some fantastic guitar solos from the 2guitarists Chris Appleton and Chris Needham with Dan Bate and Martin McNee on bass and drums respectively. 
So, can you be the original singer without including some AC/DC? NO!!'Jailbreak' was played earlier but it all finished off with a string of favourites 'Long Way to the Top', 'TNT', 'Highway to Hell' and of course 'Whole Lotta Rosie'.
A great night, 3 great bands, try and catch any of these over the next week or so for some fantastic rock.
St David's Hall - Cardiff - 11 May
'Play us something we know' shouted some wag as Steve Hackett and his band ambled on stage. Boom....Watcher of the Skies!!! 'I think you know that one' says Steve,wryly...'In fact, I bet you know these songs better than we do'.
Well, don't know about that Steve, but for the next 2 hours or so we were treated to a master class in classic Genesis tunes. We were transported back to the 70's with aplomb as Steve and his band launched into the set as the music set the tone. I never thought I'd hear tracks like' Chamber of 32 Doors', 'The Lania' and 'Fly on a Windshield'
played live again by part of the team that wrote them. With so much to choose from I think they did a great job in playing some of the lesser known ones from that album instead of the standards, however from other albums' I know What I like' got and airing as did    'Dancing with the Moonit Knight' and 'Firth of Fifth' with it's most excellent guitar solo and my own personal favourite.
The later songs did appear, 'Dance on a Volcano', 'Afterglow', which was superb, 'Entangled', 'Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers.....' 'Blood on the Rooftops' and much more. Of course nothing after 'Wind and Wuthering' after which Steve left the band. Finishing off the main set was the whole of 'Suppers Ready' which was a real treat, and of course, we all shouted  A Flower with gusto.
He was ably assisted by a wonderful band. Nad Sylvan on vocals was the perfect cross between Gabriel and Collins voice wise and very entertaining other wise, a real showman. Gary O'Toole on drums and vocals, Roger King on keyboards, the wonderful Lee Pomeroy who was a master of the bass, even dancing around with a massive double neck on at times, and the sublime Rob Townsend on sax, flute extra keyboards and lead banana.....apparently one of his hobbies is collecting dust......make of that what you will. And a special mention for a wonderful surprise in the shape of Anne Marie Helder as support, she sang us 5 acoustic songs just her guitar and her voice, which is all
you need.
Judging by the amount of singing along and knee drumming going on we may have known these songs, but it was superb to hear them all again, An absolute pleasure to have witnessed such a magnificent gig.
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Angelo Tristan LIVE @ NAMBUCCA - In It For Love (original)
Angelo tristan performing his opening track to his show at Nambucca on the 16th of september.
Angelo Tristan - The EP Review.

I didn't know what to expect, Angelo Tristan? Never heard of him. Could be crashing guitars, incomprehensible vocals growling lyrics of a sort, super heavy bass lines and thundering drums.

What I got was an EP of four superbly crafted songs expertly played and sung by quality musicians. Angelo started making music when he was 12 years old, having loved music from an early age, and you can tell. The first track on the EP is 'I'm coming Home Tonight' written when he was just 14 with a gentle opening that just builds in power into a wonderful crescendo.

'First Words' is a powerful ballad on a par with 'The Last Resort' by The Eagles which showcases Angelos soulful voice and features a guitar solo that brings a lump to the throat. It's obvious that a lot of feeling and emotion has gone into this track and is my own personal favourite.

The other 2 tracks on this EP are a fine example in how to make music and make it work with 'When Faith Breaks' and 'Lying Next To You'. In this day and age of throwaway music it's really good to see someone making songs that will last and make an impression far into the future. On the basis of this I look forward to an album and seeing them live in the UK soon. He, and his band, will be on tour in Europe soon.

Angelo Tristan?? I've heard of him now!!
Andy Towell
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